Mind Movement Counseling Workshops

Empowering Healing for Every Age

At Mind Meets Movement Counseling Services, we are dedicated to providing a nurturing and inclusive environment where healing begins with the connection between mind and body. As a proud Black female therapist based in Lynbrook, New York, I specialize in offering a wide range of therapeutic services tailored to meet the needs of individuals and families at every stage of life.

Specialized Workshops and Services:

In addition to individual and family therapy sessions, Mind Meets Movement Counseling Services offers workshops that address specific needs and interests:

  • Mental Health in the Workplace
  • Children’s Yoga
  • Adult Yoga
  • Mind-Body Connection
  • The Brain and Well-being

Mind Movement Counseling WorkshopOur standout workshop on How Stress and Trauma Affect the Body combines yoga movement with interactive learning to illuminate the physical impact of stress and trauma, culminating in a deep meditation session with sound healing.

Your Journey Towards Healing Starts Here

As a Black female therapist, I am deeply committed to creating a space where all individuals, especially those within the Black community and other communities of color, feel seen, heard, and supported. Our services are designed to be inclusive and accessible, welcoming individuals and families of all backgrounds to explore the healing potential of somatic psychotherapy, yoga therapy, and more.

Reach out today to join our supportive community and discover the transformative power of therapy that embraces every aspect of who you are. Whether you’re seeking support for anxiety, looking for compassionate child or teen therapy, or interested in the unique benefits of yoga therapy, Mind Meets Movement Counseling Services is here to guide you on your path to wellness.